The Little Things

Some weeks it is very easy to write this blog and some weeks it doesn’t seem like there is a lot to write about. I hate the feeling that when I sit down on Sunday to write about my weekly accomplishments I really have to think about what I did. If that is the case, […]

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7 Figure Flipping Mastermind

Here is the second part of today’s double-header blog post. This one is the one I am the most excited about writing because I know it will be the thing that will propel my business to a new level this year. Not just that, it has already changed my mindset and how I operate within […]

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Newest Flip!

So much has happened this week I’m not sure how to tackle today’s post. I have before photos of two of the properties that are coming up to rehab and I have to write a LONG post on the 3-day mastermind I just attended. I think I will start with the house that we already […]

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I know it isn’t Sunday and it hasn’t been a week since I wrote my last post but I was inspired to do more this morning. As I sit on an airplane bound for San Diego, I’ve finished writing all my follow up emails, I wrote the scope of work for the foreclosure house (which […]

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I Lost My Keys!

Well, it’s been another week already and this has been a tough one. My wife left for Las Vegas Friday night so it has just been my 18-month-old son Will, my dog Reggie, and me at home fending for ourselves. Just the boys!  It’s a good thing I got a lot accomplished in the beginning […]

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You’re Hired!

With this being our first full week home from England and my first week back at my full time job in the Navy, I was still able to get a lot accomplished. I believe that is because I had 4 days off prior to going back into the office on Monday and I was efficient […]

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Direct Marketing and Hiring an Employee

This week was a busy one as it ended our 2-week stay in England, included packing, 2 flights back to Pensacola from London, New Years eve and day, and a lot of work. If you have ever flown on a 10 ½ hour flight with an 18 month old that won’t sit still, you know […]

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Christmas Week Progress

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you had a great day with family and friends, we sure did… I decided to continue the trend of old real estate icons on the main photo of this post. I am currently writing from the city centre (proper British spelling) of Salisbury, Wilshire, UK which is just […]

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Goals for 2016

As a real estate investor and enthusiast, it is incredibly inspiring to write this blog post from the castle you see in the photo. It was built in 1510 and has seen some incredible history over the last 500 years including King Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn staying here during their honeymoon. For such an […]

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Introduction and being accountable in 2016

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this first of many blog posts about my real estate journey. This past year has been very successful but like every good entrepreneur, I want to do more next year. To do that, I decided to sit down and figure out what I am […]

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Top 10 Tips to Sell Your House Fast

As I sit here in our empty house with only an Internet connection and a mattress on the hardwood floor in the dining room, I keep thinking about how to sell your house fast and for top dollar. It takes work and there are plenty of things about your house that you can’t change such […]

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