7 Steps To Prepping a House To Sell

7 steps to prepping a house to sell

  1. Run the comps… this means looking at the market to figure out what is selling. Your agent can do this for you, or you can take a peek at Zillow to get some idea (but Zillow is extremely limited compared to what agents have access to). You want to know what the comparable houses in your neighborhood are selling for and what kind of CONDITION they are in.

  2. Make a list of all the repairs needed… After looking at the comps, you can get an idea of what the price ranges are and what’s needed in terms of condition to be able to sell well.

  3. Make those needed repairs… either through a handyman or contractor (depending on how big it is) or yourself. Minor and Major should be fixed BEFORE you list them. (we also have an article on which repairs give you money back, found here www.blackjackre.com/repair)

  4. Clean up the curb appeal… This is one of the biggest marketing points; it’s what attracts buyers. Preferably, do the landscape right before taking pictures, so it’s fresh. Here are some items that brighten up the look: fresh paint (house and/or fences). Trimmed bushes. Leaves cleaned up. Pressure-washed walls, windows, and doors. Green grass. Mulch covers dirt areas or planters. Weeds were pulled out. Painted address numbers. Rotten wood (from eaves) was replaced.

  5. Declutter and donate… Is your garage full of clutter and used as storage? This deters people from being in that space and lowers their perceptive value of the home. Go through everything, and decide: “Am I really going to ever use this repeatedly? Do I love this enough to keep it?” If not, I would say donate it or sell it (plus it makes moving costs dramatically cheaper).

  6. Schedule cleanings before showings and open houses… When you leave the house and have prospective buyers view it, you want the inside pristine for showings and open houses.

  7. Use professional photography with natural lighting… DON’T gloss up photos and enhance them with digital tricks. Sometimes we’ve done it because the market seems to like it… but for houses that are less than “appealing” it just ruins people's expectations and turns them off when they finally see the house in person. 

Alright, so that's a small but detailed list that can dramatically help you attract buyers and sell. 


If you want to AVOID… 

  • Cleaning the house
  • Decluttering 
  • Paying for expensive moving costs
  • Repairing the house
  • And showing the house multiple times…

Let us know; we’ll be happy to review your cash offer and break down exactly what you get. 

Plus, you can close in 7 days, as opposed to 21 to 60 days in some places.

Blackjack Real Estate is here to help you through these complicated times of selling your home. Because we already have the cash on hand waiting for you, this allows you to get the fast sale you desire. We are here to help you every step of the way and will purchase your home, so you can move on to your next phase of life. Give us a call today at 850-601-4714 to find out how we can make your life easier!

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