Bill Allen

My name is Bill Allen and I am the owner of Blackjack Real Estate, LLC. We are a local company who pay cash for houses in Pensacola, FL & Chattanooga, TN.  We have also recently expanded into Nashville, TN.  After purchase, we typically renovate the house ourselves and hold them as rentals or resell them.  We are a Pensacola based company and have the cash to purchase your house quickly.  We will be the ones speaking to you on the phone, walking through your house, presenting the offer, and sitting across from you at the closing table.  We truly care about maintaining a business that is based around honesty, honor and integrity.  If you are interested in selling your house to a true cash buyer please give us a call at (850) 583-8344 or fill out our form HERE.




Nate Johnson

Nate serves as our Integrator or COO for Blackjack Real Estate, LLC. He currently oversees all of our day to day operations. Nate loves helping our customers find solutions that meet their real estate needs. He currently lives outside of Nashville, TN with his wife and daughter. Nate enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family. You can email him at



Dee Dee Huey

Dee Dee is the lead manager at Blackjack Real Estate, LLC.  She will be one of the ladies answering the phone when you call to talk about your house and will be the first to see if we can help you.  Dee Dee is a mother of three teenagers and very active in the local community.  She loves real estate and enjoys speaking to sellers on the phone to see what we can do for them.  Give Dee Dee a call today to have her set you up with an appointment to get your house sold quickly!  You can reach her at (850) 290-5024 or send her an email at

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Kelly Monahan

Kelly is another lead intake member of Blackjack Real Estate, LLC.  She answers your calls to learn more about how we can help you.  Kelly is a mother of a 7 year old little girl and has a house full of pets that all keep her very busy.  She is also a youth lacrosse coach and a children’s yoga teacher in her local community.  Kelly loves real estate and is passionate about helping people any way she can!  She really enjoys talking to people on the phone each day as she wants to see what the team can do for them.  Call Kelly at (850) 733-6805 or email her at today and set an appointment if you want to sell your house quickly!


Ashlea Detwiler

Ashlea Detwiler is a proud Army wife and mother to a ten year old girl that loves everything about gymnastics. She was born and raised in South Florida and recently moved to Tennessee where she enjoys fishing, hiking, and spending time outdoors with her family. Her passion for customer service has lead her to join the Blackjack team as Transaction Manager.  You can reach her at (423) 436-1330 or email her at


Brooke Kellogg

I am from Pennsylvania, but I am really enjoying my time in the South. I am an Air Force wife, so I never know where we will end up. I am also a full time student studying Government Contracting and Acquisitions. I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and in my spare time you will find me in the gym or hanging out with my husband and two dogs.  Brooke is an Acquisitions Representative in Pensacola for Blackjack Real Estate, LLC.  You can reach Brooke at (850) 696-7388 or email her at



Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith handles marketing & data analytics for Blackjack Real Estate, LLC.  Ryan lives in Pace with his wife and 3 year old son.  He enjoys working and playing golf.  You can email him at



Terrie Ramos

Terrie handles dispositions for Blackjack Real Estate, LLC.  She is the mother of 7 children and has had a career in accounting and office management that has taken her international at times.  For Terrie, family is everything! Over the years, she has been a mentor for many young people who needed a parental or sibling figure and is an advocate for animal rescue projects.  Her passion is helping others and her and her husband enjoy deep sea fishing and outdoor activities. Call or text Terrie at (850) 816-0511 or email her at



Chad King

Chad handles the Acquisitions & Dispositions in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a proud husband and a new resident to Nashville. Transferring here from Florida, Chad brings years of experience in buying and selling real estate. The part of this business he enjoys most is truly helping people navigate any and all real estate endeavors. His hobbies include skydiving, racing cars, and anything that goes fast. When its time to slow down, you’ll find him with a good book, or on the golf course. Chad graduated from Florida State University, with a degree in Finance. The two qualities most important to him are honesty and integrity. If you have any questions about property in Nashville, or just want to talk real estate, Chad can be reached at 615-569-8011 or email him at


Dottie Franklin

Dottie is a member of the lead team at Blackjack Real Estate, LLC. She is one of our team members that will be answering your calls about your property, learning more about how we can help you along with answering any questions that you might have. Dottie is the mother of 3 grown children, a teenager and a grandmother of two. She grew up in Missouri and now lives outside of Nashville. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading and being a home chef. Dottie has years of experience in sales management, including real estate sales and lending. She enjoys working with our clients to help find solutions for their real estate needs. You can email her at or call her at (931) 820-0719.



Valentina Brega

Valentina is a lead intake member at Blackjack Real Estate. Her friends and family usually call her Val or Valya. She is a proud wife and mother. Val loves to travel and she has been to over 20 countries. She lived in Moldova, Germany, Sweden, and the US and speaks 5 languages: English, Russian, Romanian, German, and a bit of Spanish. She is passionate about business development, investing, trading, and of course – real estate. You can email her at



Dana Osborn

Dana is the Social Media and Marketing Manager at Blackjack Real Estate, LLC.  She advertises our properties to you while giving frequent updates on current projects to keep you informed along the way.  Dana also has a passion for group fitness, and teaches classes at her local gym.  You will see her face most often on our Facebook page giving property updates, and she hopes to see your face there too!  She would love to answer any questions you may have, or direct you to the person who can. Dana can be reached through our Facebook page, or through email at