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Options when selling your house in Pensacola, Pace, or Milton

I frequently get people who know I invest in real estate ask me about selling their house in the Pensacola, Pace or Milton area.  A lot of them are military members who are moving after a few years in the area, some are neighbors who have fallen on tough times and others are people who call me looking to sell their homes.  I will lay down the options as I see them and each one comes with a trade off.  I will attempt to cover all of them…

Sell on MLS

Sell your house on the MLS using a real estate agent.  There is nothing wrong with this method and it will likely bring the best price assuming your house is in good shape or you have the funds to get it into good shape.  I frequently tell people that this is their best option to get the best price they can for their home.  The agent commissions will hurt the bottom line but they are part of the process and need to be factored in.  The timeline may also be long when it comes to this method, depending on the price you list the house for and the retail market conditions at the time.

Sell the house yourself

Sell your house yourself to try and save half the commissions.  I don’t typically recommend this method as you need to really know how to market your house in order for it to work best.  There is also a lot of work involved for you as the seller.  It will likely only save half the commission as the buyer will probably have a RE agent with them for the purchase.

Both of the methods above will take work on the sellers part, multiple showings, long periods of time and there is no guarantee the buyers loan will come through.

Sell to a real estate investor

The third method when selling your house in Pensacola, Pace or Milton is to sell to a real estate investor.  This option is the fastest and easiest way to sell your property.  An all cash offer can be made quickly and your house will be purchased in as-is condition.  That means no costly repairs, no real estate commissions to be deducted, a quick closing, and no hassle to you as the seller.  This option is best for those properties that need work or for the seller who needs or wants a quick closing without the headaches of a retail sale.  This certainly isn’t the best option for all sellers but is the best option in a lot of cases.

If you want to receive a cash offer on your house please fill out the form on my website HERE, email me or give me a call.  It doesn’t matter what repairs are needed or how many of them I would be happy to come have a look and make an offer.