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A year ago today we loaded up everything we owned into a moving truck and left Pensacola, FL for Nashville, TN. Two weeks prior we found a house online, put in an offer without seeing it, and decided that it was best for our family to just move to the place where James would be born.   You see, we didn’t know what was going to happen once James came into this world. We were fearful that the worst could happen and we were definitely not ready for that. We wanted to make things easier any way we could and one of those was to just drop everything and move. There were certain things in our control but there was a LOT out of it.

This morning as I look back on the last year and where my mindset was 12 months ago, I am a totally different person. I believe one of the main reasons for that is perspective. When a person goes through a difficult season in their life or a truly challenging ordeal it changes them. This can be for better or worse but we don’t typically come out the same. Last year I was deflated, scared, angry at times, worried, but there was some hope mixed in there too. Today, I am so thankful that we have a happy little baby boy who is almost one year old who has completely changed my life! James is the strongest person I have ever known and he’s still so small, there is plenty of time for him to show me more! He has single handedly changed my perspective on life and business and for that I thank him.

You see, James wasn’t scared, he wasn’t worried, he wasn’t angry. James was just doing what he knew how to do and that was to survive and thrive with what he was given. If we take that same approach in life and business we will be a lot better off. I speak to investors all the time who are afraid to grow, take risks, and go outside their comfort zones because they don’t want to fail. That “what if” slows us down constantly and stifles innovation and growth. I have had that inside of me before and I still do to some extent. But, my secret weapon is the little boy I get to hold every day and remind myself that this challenge or issue is so small in the grand scheme of things… Perspective.

I am just weeks away from travelling back to my sixth mastermind meeting in San Diego with the 7 Figure Flipping group. This will mark almost two years of this journey in growing and managing my real estate business like a BUSINESS and not a hobby. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the impact that group and all the members who I have met there had on me through this journey. I can definitely say that they have changed my perspective on life and business immensely as well.   I am a totally different person today because of them as well, and no one could have prepared me better to go through what I went through with James than that group. The mindset shift from that group was what allowed me to be ready to grow as much as I have. When you surround yourself with the right people in life and business, they give you permission to grow and change as well. Hopefully for the better! The first meeting I went to blew my mind. It changed my entire perspective on what was possible just by hearing what other successful people had accomplished. I became determined to accomplish things I never thought possible and looking back it now seems silly that I didn’t do this earlier in life.

This journey has not been easy, there have been plenty of bumps in the road and there continue to be. However, with the right perspective, the right mindset, and surrounding myself with people who share similar thoughts and beliefs in life and business, it becomes a lot smoother ride!

You certainly don’t have to go through a difficult life struggle to change your perspective and I don’t wish these challenges on anyone. However, sometimes when we get lost in these challenges and struggles we can’t see the forest from the trees. If you are going through a difficult season in life right now, please know that others have passed through that journey before you. You are not alone even though it often feels like it.   In my case, I truly feel like I came out the other side of our ordeal with James stronger than ever with a new view of life and business. The little things no longer matter as much. Hug your family any chance you get, be thankful for what you have and realize that two people can look at the same thing totally different. It’s all about PERSPECTIVE!

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