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How to sell your Chattanooga home fast during your job transfer

Transferring for a job is really exciting! New places, new people and new opportunities is a part of what can make life great! But what if you own a home in the Chattanooga area? This can quickly sour the excitement behind your job transfer and that is exactly what we aim to help guide you through in this article: Selling your Chattanooga home.

First and foremost, what comes to mind when you decide to sell your home? If this is your first time, there is likely a lot! Having worked with so many people who have also decided to sell their homes in Chattanooga, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should first ask yourself:

  • Is now the time to try my hand at home sales or should I hire a realtor for this?
  • Would selling my house for cash to a home cash buyer be a good option?
  • How soon do I need my house sold? What selling option can best accommodate my time restrictions?
  • Once I move am I able to qualify for a mortgage?

Knowing the answers to these questions will give you the best possible start in your home selling journey. Like a well played game of chess, you will be several moves ahead and positioned for the best outcome. To help you get ahead, we’ve broken down the pros, cons and realities of the above questions.

The ‘FOR SALE BY OWNER’ approach

If you are handy and not in a hurry (finding a qualified buyer could take months, if not years), this approach can be profitable. You will enevabilty have to deal with the hagglers, people who try to convince you to rent the home, land contract enthusiasts and general ‘tire kickers’. If the home is in need of repair, you may have to put of quite of bit of cash in order to get the home up to code. Overall, we see more cons than pros with this option.

Hiring a Realtor

Undoubtedly the most traditional route to selling your home is to use a Real Estate Agent. They have a knack of making any property seem very desirable. Armed with a camera, they will take high quality photos of your home and create a listing to market the property for you.

A major drawback to using a Realtor is that they will require you to make all the repairs and/or remodeling on your home so that it will be more attractive to any buyers they find. If you have time, and cash on your side, this might be okay as there is potential for a higher payout. Additionally, once the house does sell, there is typically a hefty percentage of the sale that goes to your Realtor as compensation for their service.

Cash Buyer Sales

A lesser known option, cash buyer sales are the most convenient and hassle-free method for selling your home fast. Cash buyers in Chattanooga like Blackjack Real Estate purchase your home as-is, no costly repairs need to be made and work with you to get you on your way in as little as 7 days! Cash buyer home sales will put money in your packet – not take it out. When selling your Chattanooga home you can breathe easy knowing you will have cash during your job transfer and the freedom to apply for your new mortgage.

Selling your Chattanooga home?

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