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Heather Foster

Heather Foster - Backjack Real Estate Team

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

Heather is the CMO at Blackjack Real Estate, bringing over 7 years of marketing experience with her. Currently residing in frozen yet beautiful northern Michigan, her goal is to eventually relocate to a place that doesn’t freeze the hairs inside of her nose when stepping outside 7 months out of the year.

Being a busy Mom of 4 and wife of 10 years to Joe, she doesn’t have too much time to play, so when she does she makes it count. When she can find the free time you will see her binge-watching documentaries, medical dramas or rewatching Titanic for a good healthy cry.

Saturdays are family and friend days in the Foster household and are devoted to food, fun and an evening of Dungeons & Dragons. Heather is a proud nerd that uses her marketing and wordsmithing prowess to create fantasy characters for her D&D sessions that cannot be vanquished.

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