Quick Update

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time today to write but I would like to post a quick update as to what we have going on. Last weekend I wrote an incredibly long post about scaling and where we are this year. So, I am going to break this weeks post down into the […]


Scaling from 3 deals a year to 33 deals in 6 months

I’ve realized over the past few weeks that it has been difficult to sit down and write this blog each Sunday like I was doing for most of the year. The question was, why? I believe the answer is that in the midst of scaling my business, I had to focus my time and energy […]


Update During Daddy Daycare!

I know this post is long overdue and I probably have a hundred excuses why I haven’t posted the past 3 weeks but I will just save them because they don’t matter. So, Happy Independence Day weekend for all of the Americans reading! This is a glorious weekend for me seeing as my wife is […]

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