How Do You Find Your Deals??

HOW ARE YOU FINDING YOUR DEALS? Since I spent most of my week making calls, working in/on my CRM, and meeting with motivated sellers I figured I would base this post on how investors are finding deals. Here are some ways investors are currently finding properties to renovate and resell or hold as rentals.   If […]


Auction House Listed and Hiring Again!

Auction house is on the market and we’re HIRING AGAIN! Well, another week has passed and I feel like I have seen a lot of progress finally. In this business, the work just pours in and the return can take time to see. The late gratification can make it very difficult to stick to what […]


6 Houses in 10 Days – Scaling a Business

I want to start by saying I will share the podcast I was on if you want to take a look at that on the Blackjack Real Estate Facebook Page or see it below. In there I talk about scaling a business and not just creating another job for myself. I will write more about that […]